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The Differences between Therapy and Life Coaching


It is possible to find that people confuse life coaching and therapy. The reason why these two are confusing is because they are all meant to help people who are disturbed emotionally. The extent of the damages will determine the best course to take. It is evident that most people go through a lot of stress in life. The social, economic and political changes are weighing down on some people that they become affected at the end of the day. There are also psychological conflicts that could be bringing you down together with emotional stress. It is important to understand the differences that make therapy and life coaching different so that you may know the right step to make. The outlined below are some of the things that you are required to understand regarding these two courses.


First of all, it is important to know that the goals differ. Therapy aims to help people who are suffering from emotional issues and those who have relationship issues. It aims to make the individuals change their mindset and thinking in a way that they can manage to forget what is torturing them. On the other hand, a life coach is advisable for people who want to have a life goal that will make their life change for the better. You will realize that the people here are only interested in having a more organized life. They are assisted through redrawing their goals in life. The other thing that you are required to understand is that therapies normally take longer time than the life coaching. The sessions normally go for about six months to a year. This period is prolonged because of the mental issues that need to be solved by the therapist. Life coaching, on the other hand, requires only a short period to change a person's mindset.


It is also essential to note that therapies are handled by people who are trained in psychological issues. These people must have the required qualifications to handle the mental cases. When you are looking for these services, it is usually recommended that you check for these qualifications. Life coaching, on the other hand, can be handled by someone who is trained in social work.  Check this homepage for more info!


These people don't need to have qualifications to be life coaches. It is something that can be handled by a motivator that will make the victims feel reenergized. Their job is not as challenging as the therapists who deal with delicate matters. For more facts and info about Counseling, Visit